Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lawn Mowing Teams and Schedule


We're always looking for volunteers to help us mow the lawn.  

Contact David Burrous if you'd like to join us.

Team 1:  Hans Jordan and David Beumée
Teams 2 & 4:  Steve Nelson and Paul Brynteson
Team 3:  Hiram Wolgemuth and David Burrous

Date (mow when it is convenient for you)Each WeekTeam
August 27Team 1Jordan & Beumée
September 3Team 2Nelson & Brynteson
September 10Team 3Wolgemuth & Burrous
September 17Team 4Nelson & Brynteson
September 24Team 1Jordan & Beumée
October 1Team 2Nelson & Brynteson
October 8Team 3Wolgemuth & Burrous
October 15Team 4Nelson & Brynteson
October 22Team 1Jordan & Beumée
October 29Team 2Nelson & Brynteson



Sunday, May 29, 2022

Fellowship, Spring Grounds & Landscape Day, Saturday, May 28th, 9 am to 1 pm

We owe a debt of gratitude to the members who turned out to work on the grounds and landscaping on Saturday.  Way to go team!

  • Hans Jordan
  • Joan Mulcahy
  • Larry Arp
  • Rosemary Arp
  • Hiram Wolgemuth
  • Wendie Highsmith
  • Nancy DiLaura
  • Cathy Allen
  • Robyn Rathweg
  • Sandra Mackenzie
  • Larry Laverdure
  • Diane Witt
  • Scott Youmans
  • Paul Austin

Monday, April 11, 2022

Grounds Teams Volunteers - 2022

 ​Due to the fact that the weather forecast for this Saturday, May 21st, is:  low 34, high 47, with a little morning snow, we have decided to postpone the Spruce-Up day to Saturday, May 28th.

1st Annual Fellowship Spring Grounds & Landscape 

Spruce-Up Day

Saturday, May 21May 282022

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

(Come for an hour, come for four.)

For more details, visit the Grounds Teams  Blog at:


  • Gardening tools, if you have any.
    • Rake, shovel, broom, clippers, bear claws, ladder, pruners, etc.
  • Hat
  • Sun block
  • Gloves
  • Something to drink: Water, coffee, tea, chai, cow's milk, goat's milk, kefir, kumís, etc.
  • Kids are welcome
Tasks, in addition to regular ones listed below:

  • Check drip irrigation emitters under Larry Arp's most excellent guidance.
  • Repairing/replacing broken emitters
  • Weeding all mulched areas next to building + parking lot islands
  • Clean out gutters
  • Prune apple trees (Larry brings chain saw?)  
  • Prune dead parts of serviceberries
  • Rake pine needles under the 9 Sisters Pine Tree Alley
  • Hauling tree limbs and pine needles to Western Disposal
  • Inspect the pile of stuff on the west edge of property and decide if it is to be kept or disposed of. (old plastic playground parts, rubber mat,  etc.)  
  • Mow grass as needed
  • Paint or stain Free Library
  • Add mulch to trees next to playground
  • Add new cedar mulch 
  • Fluff mulch
  • Plant new shrubs 
  • Install new bike racks
  • Prune dead limps out of established trees
  • Sweep pine cones off sidewalks
  • Any other tasks invented by the Grounds Teams 

 A big thank you to all of the members who have volunteered to take care of our extensive new landscaping this summer. Join us if you'd like!

David Burrous, Chair (

Larry Arp, Consultant

Robyn Rathweg, Landscaping Team

Wendie Highsmith - Design Committee

Scott Youmans - Board President

Jim Highsmith, Board Liaison

Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Senior Minister


Weeding Team (mulch areas only)


Juili MacKenzie - Area 1

Hiram Wolgemuth - Area 1

Cathy Allen - Area 2

Joan Mulcahy - Area 2

Alida Fischer - Area 3

Wendie Highsmith - Area 3

Nancy DiLaura - Area 4

Sandra McKenzie - Area 4

Donna Brynteson - Area 5

David Burrous (un-named gravel area between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.)

Blue Grass Maintenance Team

Paul Brynteson

David Burrous

Prairie Dog Monitoring Team

Paul Brynteson

Hiram Wolgemuth

Steve Nelson

Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Steve Nelson

Larry Arp

Pine Needle Raking 

(under 9 Sisters Pines)

Rich Evertz

Hans Jordan

Scott Nelson

Phyllis Green

Brenda Thompson

Trimming Spreading Junipers

(under the 9 Sisters Pines)

Steve Nelson

Rich Evertz

Hans Jordan

Lawn Mowing

Steve Nelson

Paul Brynteson

Rich Evertz

Hans Jordan

  Volunteers "on call" for help:

        David Beumée 

        Sharon Hardin       

Miscellaneous Tasks still need volunteers:

Debris Hauling Team (to waste facility)

Thursday, March 24, 2022

We need you to help with the landscaping.

Grounds Teams Volunteers

Sign up.

We need you! 

We have a large landscape area around the Fellowship to take care of.  

Spring and summer are especially busy times.  

Won't you please consider volunteering for one of the following Teams?

Administration Team 
 - Help make decisions for the Grounds Teams

Lawn Mowing Team
 - Mow the lawn once a month.  Takes less than 2 hours.   
Pine Tree Allée MaintenanceTeam      
 - Rake the pine needles from under the 9 Sisters Pine Trees.  2 hours, twice a summer. 
Prairie Dog Monitoring Team              
 -Walk the perimeter of the grounds to look for prairie dogs. 1 hour per month. 
Weeding Team 
-  Choose a section of mulched area (no blue grass), own it, weed it once a month for 1-2 hours.  
Drip Irrigation Maintenance Team 
 - Check to see if the little heads of the drip irrigation system are functioning            correctly. 2 hours once in spring and once in summer.

Evergreen Pfizer Manicuring Team 
-Trim the evergreen pfitzers, under the 9 Sisters pine trees, to about 12" high.  2 hours/twice a summer.

Fertilize the Blue Grass Team
- 4 times during the summer - 2 hours each time.

Strong UUs Move Rocks Team
-We need about 4 strong UUs to help move some large landscaping rocks.
Miscellaneous Tasks Team 
- Sometimes things come up and we need some volunteers on call.  It might be                    irrigation issues, cutting switch grass, mulching, taking a couch to the                                dump, etc.

 What we haven't thought of yet Team  
-There are probably some teams we haven't thought of yet, but.... 

Contact David Burrous at, if you're interested.


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

"Cross over the bridge" (click on the arrow)

🎶  🎶  Cross over the bridge, cross over the bridge
Change your reckless way o'livin', cross over the bridge
Leave your fickle past behind you and true romance will find you
Brother, sister, cross over the bridge  🎶 🎶 

Thanks to Patti Page for the lyrics and 
Larry Arp for the new bridge in the SOS garden.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Lawn Care Summer 2021

A big thanks to the Lawn Mowing Team that took such good care of our lawn this summer.  They showed up on a weekly basis, come rain or shine. 

Lawn Mowing Team Members:  Steve Nelson, Paul Brynteson, Hans Jordan, Rich Evertz, The Murphy & Stephen Family, David Beumée, Robert Shaw, Larry Arp and David Burrous.

Why don't you join us next summer?

The Murphy & Stephen Family

Larry Arp
(the only known photo of him resting)

Rich Evertz

Stephen Nelson

Paul Brynteson

Hans Jordan
(last known photo taken of him)

David Burrous

Monday, October 4, 2021

Leopold Benches Project

With the financial support of several sponsors and the skill of our weekend warrior woodworkers, we now have 11 Leopold benches to enjoy in the triangular gravel area accessed both by the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall on the north side of the building and in front of the building on the Ceres Drive side.


Don Engelstad, sponsor of 2 benches (with Trudy Wood)
Steve Nelson, craftsman (with Leah Nelson)


Alisa and David Burrous, sponsors
David Burrous, craftsman


Lorraine Wilson, sponsor
David Burrous, craftsman


Cindy Beeler, sponsor
David Burrous, craftsman


Dotty Stauber Crafts, sponsor (with Bill Crafts)
David Burrous, craftsman

Special note:  Visit the Building Committee's Week 69 video clip to hear a reflection by long-time member, friend, and supporter of the Fellowship, Dotty Stauber Crafts, entitled "I am not there".


Joan Mulcahy and Hans Jordan, sponsors
David Burrous, craftsman


 Constance Holden and T.K. Smith, sponsors of 1 bench
Mary Stackpole, sponsor of 1 bench
Rich Evertz, craftsman


Mary Headley, sponsor of 2 benches
Brad Shannon, craftsman


And soon to be installed on each bench ...
plaques honoring these members and friends
for their contributions to the
BVUUF Leopold Bench Project 2021.
Many thanks to you all.


If you would like to build your own Leopold bench, click here for the plans.